How To Optimise Your NBN Satellite Plan With These Speed Hacks

How To Optimise Your NBN Satellite Plan With These Speed Hacks article image by

The National Broadband Network has totally changed our lives for the better with its revolutionary NBN satellite technology. However, due to the fact NBN satellite plans are still in its infancy, there are certain issues which many customers suffer from on a daily basis.

Why is my NBN Satellite connection slow?

One big hurdle which rural, regional, and remote Australian customers deal with is slow Internet data speeds. The cause can be attributed to various factors including network issues, NBN satellite technology and the relationship between NBN and its providers.  These issues create limitations on how much improvement can be made in terms of speed and overall performance of your home connection.

Here are the possible reasons why you’re experiencing slow speeds at home:

  1. Distance from satellite connection

Technological problems occur as a result of the distance between your home and the main source of the Internet. If you are located far from main source of connection, expect limitations on Internet performance.

2. Network congestion

This is one of the main causes of slow Internet speeds among NBN satellite plan holders.  Even the best NBN satellite provider may not have sufficient bandwidth to deliver fast Internet connectivity to all of its customers during peak hours.

Your NBN satellite cost is kept affordable as a result of your ISPs failure to buy enough bandwidth from NBN. There’s no way any ISP can buy enough bandwidth for every single customer they have. This is yet again a restriction that subscribers need to accept when trying to increase their Internet data speeds.

With all these limitations, how do I fix my slow Internet connection?

  1. Connect your laptop directly to the modem

Before you think of switching to a faster, more expensive tier plan, we recommend that you perform a speed test by connecting your desktop or laptop directly to the modem. Your Wi-Fi may be the reason why your Internet is slow. By connecting directly to your modem, you can identify your actual Internet speed and narrow down the possible causes of slow data speeds.

Make sure to perform a speed tests at different times of the day. This will help determine if network congestion is your main issue. This will also help you in making a decision whether to change ISPs or move to a more expensive, but faster NBN satellite plan.

2. Modem or router issues

If you find out that Internet speed is fine with a direct connection but becomes slow when using a Wi-Fi connection, you may need to request a new router. Ask your NBN satellite provider for a new one to check if a router or modem switch can make a big difference on your Internet speeds.

Make sure to test the new modem for a few days. The modem should be handled with care during installation so make sure to seek assistance during this stage. If your Internet speed is still slow after switching to a new one, return the modem and continue to look for other possible issues.

Learning about the causes of slow Internet speeds and knowing how to remedy the issues will help in saving you time and money. NBN Satellite broadband is certainly a gift to Australians living in the outback, but due to the fact that it’s still new technology, it will take a while for Internet speeds to be faster and more reliable for everybody to enjoy.

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